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Enlight Energy Solutions is building its reputation as a meter manufacturer of high quality products which when installed will reduce the product life cycle costs of the utility. The company has a major objective of providing a responsive and comprehensive level of services to support the customer.


Enlight Energy Solutions has 50 years of combined experience in the metering industry and as a small company in a large market we are able to respond to the changing demands of our customers and the industry.

We have high-level technical support available on short notice and the ability for customised metering solutions for special applications.

Our products will provide the metering industry with a prepayment meter that satisfies the current needs for revenue collection, as well as the adaptability to move to a metering architecture of your choice in the future.

Use our contacts page to discuss your requirement.

We will arrange for one of our technical staff to respond to your enquiry.


Enlight Energy Solutions leaves no switch disengaged, rest assured we will provide full and compliant training and support to ensure your staff have the knowledge and back-up to install, maintain and ensure the product is operational and fit for purpose.

  • On-site training can be organized.
  • Online Video training can also be arranged.
  • Back-up data will be supplied and made available online.

Fault finding

Enlight Energy Solutions support staff are available to investigate the Utilities field problems. Either directly or coordinated through our sales partner the issues experienced in the field can be evaluated and turn what is a conundrum at the time into a training and learning exercise.

Managed with integrity and understanding the Enlight team enable constructive problem solving. Coupled with the information and data made available via this web site, the Utilities field team have support to hand.

Use our contact page to get in touch.

We are available via email or telephone.

Consumer support

Enlight Energy Solutions support staff are available to answer your queries, whether it be to check the installation, the operation, the features, the responses or the specification.

Ensuring the product performance meets the customer expectation is paramount to its longevity and reliability.

Please note the scope of our support is directed at the meter and customer interface unit. It does not include the vending system or its peripherals.

Use our contact page to get in touch.

We are available via email or telephone.