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Split Single Phase DIN PLC Meter

The Sienna SSP DIN-R PLC meter is a 4-terminal bottom connect 80A DIN rail mounted Class1 split single phase pre-payment meter. It employs OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) PLC technology between the MCU (Metering Control Unit) and the CIU (Customer Interface Unit).

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Split Single Phase DIN PLC Meter with uUSB Port

(Complies with ESKOM DSP 34-1635)

This variant of the SSP DIN PLC Meter includes a MicroUSB port which is accessible through a sliding cover within the terminal area. The port conforms to both Eskom and IEC standards for data transfer and protocols.

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Customer Interface Unit in Stand Alone format, PLC

The Standalone Customer Interface Unit is designed as a portable unit or wall mounted. Fitted with a 1 Metre cable and plug type to suit the country specific mains socket. The unit can be placed in a convenient location in the home. With Battery back-up to support the operation when the supply is disconnected.

Customer Interface Unit in Common Base format, PLC

The Customer Interface Unit is designed to fit the common base format. Communicating with the meter using PLC technology and includes an integral relay to manage the disconnection of the supply when credit expires, whilst still remaining powered.

Soon to be added products

  • Split Single Phase DIN Rail Pilot Wired Meter
  • Common Base Customer Interface Unit with two Communication
  • Stand Alone Pilot Wired Customer Interface Unit


STS Prepayment & Post payment functionality

Product definition comprises a meter and a separate consumer unit (CU).

The CU will eventually be available in 4 form factors:

Plug into common base socket, PLC Comm’s & internal Relay as a first option;

These CU’s will follow:

Plug into common base socket, PLC Comm’s & Battery Backup;

Wall mount and plug into mains socket, PLC Comm’s & battery backup.

Wall mount, hard wired to Meter.

Utility test mode is available with meter constant rate of 8000Imp/kWh.

Prepayment is compliant with Standard Transfer Specification (STS). Credit, re-configuration and mode changes are all governed by token commands.

Emergency credit mode is available for prepayment. Emergency allows consumer extra kWh by entering short code. This is configurable.


The meter is designed to comply with standard meter box types.

Form factor is DIN Rail mount for the meter and the consumer unit available in either common base interface or plug into mains socket and wall mount, hard wired.

Consideration has been given to the method of linking the CU to the Meter, with an emphasis on ease of installation. A menu is available at the CU, where the installer enters the Meter serial number. De-commissioning follows a similar process.

Communication between the meter and consumer unit is Power Line Carrier (PLC) the technology used is OFDM (Multi-carrier) which provides a more reliable data transfer success in varied environmental conditions.

Specification compliance

IEC 62055–41, 51 & 52 Standard Transfer Specification (STS) compliant with secure token used for recharge.

SANS 1524-1 Electricity Payment Systems, Part 1 Prepayment Meters

IEC 62055-31 Electricity Metering – Payment Systems, Part 31 Static Payment Meters for Active Energy.

NRS 049 Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Smart Metering Systems (with exceptions).

DSP 34-1635 Eskom requirements for Prepayment Meters

Tamper proof

The following tamper conditions can be detected:

  • Magnetic interference.
  • CU Bypass (Relay CU).
  • Reverse energy.
  • Terminal Cover open

The above conditions are configurable for recording & disconnection.

The meter unit is sealed for life.

The SSP DIN Meter is designed as a sealed for life meter. The main enclosure is ultrasonically welded, which protects from illegal access to the meter.


Meter measures both forward and reverse energy. Forward energy register totals the forward + reverse energy consumption. Reverse energy register records reverse energy consumption only.

Instantaneous values are available for Voltage, Current, Active Power, Power Factor, Frequency and the internal temperature of the meter.


Optical port with 2-way communication in accordance with IEC62055-52

The addition of a uUSB port can be available with communication protocol in accordance with IEC62055-52

Configurable features

Low credit threshold.

Open load switch under the following conditions: Sag condition detected, i.e. power down; Tamper condition detected; Quality of supply over or under condition detected; Disconnection lockout condition.

Disconnection and re-connection timing can be specified by the customer and will be pre-set during manufacture.

Tamper conditions: On detection of a CU Relay bypass the behavior is configurable.

Maximum demand.

Event recording

Event No. of Occurrences Date & Time stamp Value
Tamper detection Yes    
Load Switch disconnection Yes    
Credit tokens accepted Yes    
Key change tokens accepted Yes    
Minutes of operation     Yes
Minutes since power up     Yes
Power down & Power up Yes Yes Yes
Over & Under Voltage Yes Yes Yes
Over & Under frequency Yes Yes Yes
Over & Under Power Yes Yes Yes
Over temperature Yes Yes Yes
Zero credit Yes Yes  
External disconnection Yes Yes  
Load disconnection test Yes Yes  
Critical Meter failure Yes Yes  
Tamper Yes Yes  
Lock out Yes Yes  
Change of operational mode Yes Yes  
Clearing of meter registers Yes Yes  
Clearing of load profiles Yes Yes  
Re-configuration of the meter Yes Yes  

Product reliability

All products are designed for a 15 year life span under the specified operating conditions.

All products have 12 month warranty. Extended warranty periods can be offered.

The Meter Control Unit an Stand Alone CU are Eskom accredited.

Power Line Communication technology

Modern PLC technologies have developed with the advent of high bandwidth internet access and the desire to use the mains network for last mile access into consumer premises. The dominant and most reliable of these technologies is based on a multi carrier system using Orthogonal Multi-Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). For high speed application like internet and video very wide bandwidths are used. For metering applications a very much narrower bandwidth is used and the frequency range of the carriers is within the frequency band dedicated to use by electrical utilities and their licensees (CENELEC A band).

The SSP DIN PLC meter makes use of this OFDM technology to eliminate interference from narrow band sources and further makes use of forward error correction algorithms and redundancy techniques to ensure reliable communication even in the face of severe interference from the likes of CFL’s, light dimmers and modern appliances.

Surge/lightning protection

The SSP DIN Meter design includes the use of Surge arrestors on both the Live In and Live Out circuits, protecting both itself and the supporting the protection to the sensitive devices in the home.

Product Longevity

The SSP DIN Meter is designed for a 15 year life expectancy. With careful consideration and analysis the components selected meet the necessary criteria to sustain the confidence in this specification.

Harsh environment

The SSP DIN Meter being bottom connect, sealed for Life and with restricted access to the internal operations of the meter, enable it to withstand various harsh climatic environments.