Company Profile


Our story so far

Enlight Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a start-up company founded in April 2016 with its primary focus being the design, development and manufacture of pre-paid electricity meters.

The group that founded the company has the necessary diverse core competencies including but not limited to the following:

  • Innovative Research Driving New Product Development
  • Market Identification and Sound Business Management
  • Responsive Manufacturing Capability
  • Quality Assurance to Meet and Exceed Customer Expectation and Satisfaction

Associated Business Structure

Enlight Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the primary trading entity that facilitates all contractual and tender matters.

Product development and the final integration and testing of the manufacturing process is contracted out to SEM (Specialised Electronic Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd). SEM employs the team that drives technology where each of the senior engineers have more than 15 years’ experience in the electricity metering field.

Procurement of material and the assembly of Printed Circuit Boards are contracted out to Barracuda Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Barracuda has a world class electronic product contract manufacture facility with a staff compliment of 150. The spectrum of Barracuda’s expertise covers a wide range of customer needs from low volume complex military items to high volume commercial items with regular monthly call offs.

Mission Statement

Through intensive research and development, we identify leading products and functionality that enable the development of new solutions which fit the needs of our customers and assist them is achieving their goals and targets. This is an enabler to us maintaining our position of innovator and leader in the sector. We are able to exceed expectations by:

  • Providing high quality solutions that are carefully positioned and tailored to clients' needs
  • Associating with highly reputable companies with expertise in their respective fields
  • Always keeping abreast of developments in our markets


To be an African Energy Company of choice for the design, engineering, manufacturing and support of electricity meters with a sustainable market share through innovative design and technology solutions that enable our customers to realise their revenue collection. At the same time, promote products and functionality which enable every individual to support a sustainable future.

Operational View

Born out of entrepreneurial ship with South African roots, the goal of the management team is to create and provide employment, build strength in the community, excel in the performance and quality of our products.

Enable growth of the company, create value for the employees and shareholders. Incentivise everyone in the company to be creative, to engineer value in all that we do, to maintaining our competitiveness in the energy market. To be a flagship for South Africa through our product reliability and robustness in energy markets across the continent and beyond.

Working together to solve tomorrows problems


Enlight as a company being young and innovative recognize that strength and longevity needs to be achieved by setting a good foundation. A framework for this is choosing and developing the right partnerships. We are excited by our association with Ontec Systems (Pty) Ltd,  Allbro (Pty) Ltd, and Maatla Energy Resources. These are all enablers to Enlight offering a complete and responsive service to our clients.


Being small in a large market makes us responsive and adaptable to the changing demands


Enlight prides itself on being forward thinking and to accelerate its potential to gain impetus in the market and to be reactive to customer demands and support the implementation of their strategies.

We plan the product development roadmap to align with the market needs. To ensure these developments meet time to market, Enlight collaborates with established entrepreneurial companies who are well established and known for their successes within South Africa.

These are Lanner Precision (Pty) Ltd, and Barracuda Holding (Pty) Ltd. This network of resources and skills is just a sample of the interrelationships being forged to deliver results and be creditable in the market.